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Ready, Set, Play! Playgroups

Ready Set Play! was founded in 2007 by our founder, Shirley Aninias, and is one of New York City’s longest running social skills programs. Based on over 25 years of educational experience some of our offerings include:

students sitting on gym floor


Ready, Set, Go!

Join us for an exciting adventure at the Ready, Set, Go club! Unleash your energy through fun physical activities and team-building challenges. Build friendships while playing cooperative games and conquering obstacle courses. Get ready to move, laugh, and work together!

Students working on STEAM project


Ready, Set, STEAM!

Calling all young explorers and creators to join the Ready, Set, STEAM club! Embark on a journey of science, technology, engineering, art, and math discovery with your fellow curious minds. Dive into hands-on projects, experiments, and artistic endeavors that will spark your creativity and expand your horizons.

students sitting at desks in circle


Ready, Set, Learn!

Become a super scholar at the Ready, Set, Learn club! Our Orton Gillingham certified teacher is here to guide you through engaging ELA and math tutoring sessions. Discover new ways of understanding and excelling in your studies while having a blast with your teacher and friends. Let's learn and grow together!

students learning to cook


Ready, Set, Cook!

Calling all aspiring bakers! Join us at the Ready, Set, Bake club and delve into the world of baking and culinary creativity. Learn the art of mixing, measuring, and baking delicious treats. From cookies to cupcakes, discover the joy of making and sharing your culinary creations with friends.

Students in classroom


Ready, Set, Sing!

If you have a passion for music, the Ready, Set, Sing club is the place for you! Explore the world of melodies, harmonies, and rhythms through chorus, karaoke, and instruments. Unleash your inner musician as you sing your heart out and make beautiful music with your friends.

students traveling


Ready, Set, Travel!

Get ready for exciting journeys around our community with the Ready, Set, Travel club! Discover the wonders of NYC as we explore restaurants, museums, parks, and more. Learn about our city's history and culture while creating unforgettable memories with your fellow adventurers. Let's explore the world right in our backyard!